Marilyn Robb Ph.D

Educational Consultant/Family Counsellor

Marilyn Robb Ph.D
Educational Consultant/Family Counsellor/Academic Coach

I am glad that you have found your way to my 'internet home'. Please take the time to look around the home; you may find some information or inspiration that meets your present needs.

I am an educational consultant with an interest in Social and Emotional Learning. Throughout my years of engaging in the educational process at all levels and through varied experiences I have offered services and support that hopefully make learning more meaningful and effective for all. 

A large part of children's development takes place in school. In order to develop a world of caring, thoughtful, tolerant citizens schools need to be places where young people can use their intelligence (i.e. their ability to come up with new rational responses to situations); where they could be encouraged to think and create; where the curriculum is relevant and stimulating; and where emotional well-being is as important as academic success. Educational reform efforts to achieve this must include nurturing the emotional, psychological, social and emotional well-being of the teachers, parents and all others involved in the school system. Everyone must be respected and supported.                 


The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice and the fifth teaching.

Solomon Ibn Gabriol

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Marilyn Robb Ph.D.

Educational Consultant/Counsellor

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