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Growing up in the Caribbean adds a special spice to one's life. My deep understanding of people and life comes from the challenges I have faced and the rich cultural experiences available in the islands. I have imbibed every bit of the culture and the lessons that came from my own personal life plan that I created from an early age. I have developed my sense of justice and fairness which I hope I pass on to all those I touch. My passions are social and emotional learning and  emotional well-being. In simple terms,  I know that people, especially young people are hurting emotionally and that  life is not supposed to be hard. With careful emotional and spiritual healing, and continued growth and self-development we can all have the full, enriched, meaningful life that we deserve. 

As an Educational Consultant and Counsellor, I founded 'A Joyful Place' - An Education and Family Resource Centre- to fill some of the needs of parents, teachers and students that were not being met in the schools. This has led to a wider path of emotional and spiritual growth and development.  

 My children are now young adults, but parenting remains a joyful process. 


Marilyn Robb started out as a scientist with an M.Phil. in Plant Science from the University of the West Indies and as a teacher with an M.Ed. from Towson State University , Maryland, USA. She rounded off with a Ph.D.from the University of the West Indies in Education (concentrating on Educational Psychology). 

 She has completed a Diploma in Family Counselling.

She has been a teacher for more than 20 years. She lectures in Education at several universities at the undergraduate and post graduate levels. 

She is also a teacher of Re-evaluation Co-counselling and is the International Reference Person for Educational Change. She teaches Re-evaluation co-counselling and leads workshops for the communities around the world.

Learning is continuous through trainings, workshops, courses and constant reading. 


Marilyn has been involved as a consultant in a number of projects for more than ten years-

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): an on-going whole school project to inculcate SEL as an integral part of the school climate at Bishop Anstey Junior School, Trinidad

Changing the Culture of the Classroom: a project funded by UNESCO. Marilyn is the creator and developer of this project aimed at helping teachers both with their own EQ and with teaching SEL skills in the classroom.  She produced a curriculum and training manual for this project which was conducted in several countries in the Caribbean and the Netherland Antilles.This project led to several initiatives carried out by Marilyn on training teachers in the Netherland Antilles.

P.L.U.S. : a project of the Coalition Against Domestic Violence. (Trinidad and Tobago). Marilyn was one of the consultants on this project. She initiated and implemented a series of workshops for teachers and parents on Social and Emotional Learning, Emotionally Intelligent teaching and parenting.

 Understanding the Adolescent: a project of T.T.U.T.A. (Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association).  Marilyn has designed and conducts a series of workshops for teachers on understanding the adolescent.


In addition Marilyn has facilitated numerous workshops and training sessions for teachers, administrators, parents and students locally and internationally. Some of these include:

April 1999. Taking a fresh look at education. Half-day workshop on Educational Change at the Munting Nayon, Greece.  

May 1999. Emotional Education and Emotional Intelligence. A five-day workshop for principals, teacher trainers and teachers. Aruba.

October 1999.Changing the culture of learning to truly humanize education for all.  Half-day workshop for educators, parents, students. Sydney, Australia. 

August 2000. Improving the Social and Emotional Climate in the Classroom.  Presentation at the Public Education Conference for teachers. Department of Education.Curacao

May 2004.  Caring, Cooperation and Collaboration in Education. A 1-day workshop for educators and trainers. UNESCO, Curacao.

April 2005.  Social and Emotional Learning. Two half day workshops for school administrators, teachers, and parents organised by the National Parent Organisation of Oslo, Norway.   

October 2006.  Presentation at conference: Rethinking Education in the Caribbean-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. A local Imperative in a Global Context. University of St.Maarten. Paper  entitled  "Social and Emotional Learning is it the missing piece in our schools?

May 2007. Presentation at conference: Fostering Humanity through Civic Education Based on Competencies 8th International Meeting on Education and Thinking. Aruba. May 2-5. Paper entitled "Fostering Social and Emotional Development in the School".

November 2008. Presentation at conference; Interinsular Conference on Early Childhood Quality Care.St.Maarten. Paper entitled "Social and Emotional Well-being in Early Childhood".

November 2009. Presentation at conference: "Healthy Child: Healthy Community". ASCD-Curacao. Workshop entitled "Social and Emotional Development of Adolescents".




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Social and Emotional Learning in the Caribbean

Many Caribbean education systems are undergoing reform. Like other parts of the world, Caribbean countries seek solutions to school problems such as rising violence , decreasing motivation of students, delinquency, teacher burn-out. Despite the efforts of curriculum changes and pedagogical strategies, the problems in the schools persist. I firmly believe that these reform efforts are not effective parlty because they do not take into account the social and emotional dimensions of educational change, i.e. the connection between feelings and learning.


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