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With a Ph.D. in Education and Diploma in Family Counseling, my private practice as a Consultant has provided me with a great deal of experience and insights into human behavior, the learning process and the psychology of humans.
I have been counselling adults and children for many years, with an emphasis on school and learning problems,  family and relationship issues

  Educational Consulting-

I offer workshops, professional development sessions and training, and on-going counselling and support for teachers, administrators, parents and student. Workshops and training sessions include:

   Emotional Intelligence for  Parenting

   Emotional Intelligence for Teaching

   Social and Emotional Learning in the classroom

   Understanding Child Development

   Helping Your Child Through School

Workshops and training sessions are of different formats and time frames. Special arrangements can be made to have these workshops and training sessions presented at your organisation. Or you can have a workshop tailored to your organization's needs. 


    Individual and Family Counselling services:

I offer face-to-face and online counseling and coaching sessions especially related to-: educational issues, family and parenting issues and relationships.

I offer services for -:

*PARENTS-advice and help with issues of helping your child with any difficulties at home and in school, especially with learning problems, social and emotional issues, and relationship issues.

*TEACHERS, TUTORS, -Any help with teaching and learning  methods and handling behavioural issues in the classroom.

*FAMILIES AND OTHERS- help with behavior issues, relationship issues and self-improvement.

Call for an appointment-(301)-202-9960 or (297)-562-7081

Or visit my virtual counselling office at I have been providing online counselling with LivePerson for the past eight years.


Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at LivePerson


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Social and Emotional Learning in the Caribbean

Many Caribbean education systems are undergoing reform. Like other parts of the world, Caribbean countries seek solutions to school problems such as rising violence , decreasing motivation of students, delinquency, teacher burn-out. Despite the efforts of curriculum changes and pedagogical strategies, the problems in the schools persist. I firmly believe that these reform efforts are not effective parlty because they do not take into account the social and emotional dimensions of educational change, i.e. the connection between feelings and learning.


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